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Unlocking Better Health & Productivity: Sleep Solutions for the Workforce

Sleep Solutions

Are you ready to elevate your company’s performance while fostering employee well-being? SleepRx is pioneering the revolution in corporate health management with comprehensive sleep care tailored to enhance the quality of life for your workforce. Our Sleep Care Package is not just an investment in sleep but an infusion of vitality into your company’s productivity and success.

The Cost of Sleep Deprivation to Businesses

It's a staggering figure—$63.2 billion. That’s what sleep deficiency is costing U.S. businesses each year, with an individual’s poor sleep contributing to 11 lost workdays of productivity. These statistics from respected sources such as the Journal of Sleep Research and the Harvard Business Review are a wake-up call. Companies cannot afford to overlook the impact of sleep on their bottom line.

Sleep Care Package: A Proactive Solution for Professional Wellness

Sleep is an essential part of our lives, yet it is often undervalued, particularly in the context of our work environments. As businesses strive for enhanced productivity and safety, employee well-being can sometimes fall by the wayside, particularly in rigorous industries such as transportation, aviation, and heavy machinery operations. Acknowledging the critical role of rest, SleepRx has meticulously designed a Sleep Care Package to support and boost the well-being of your workforce.

Comprehensive Approach to Sleep Wellness for Businesses

The Sleep Care Package, developed in collaboration with premier U.S. somnologists, offers an all-encompassing approach to tackling sleep disorders and ensuring restorative sleep for employees. Here’s how our package stands out:

  • Accessible Sleep Science: At only $12.99 per month for each employee, companies can invest in their employees’ health without incurring exorbitant costs. This nominal investment could mean the difference between a fatigued workforce and a rejuvenated, productive team.

  • Whole Health Screening: Utilizing advanced tools and methods, we offer thorough screening and diagnostics to identify underlying sleep issues that may be inhibiting your employees' performance.

  • Certified Specialist Support: Employees have direct access to board-certified sleep specialists, allowing for expert insight and guidance in developing personalized sleep improvement plans.

  • Tailored Treatments: Our program isn't one-size-fits-all; we tailor treatments to individual needs based on the diagnostic outcomes, ensuring each employee gets the care they require to achieve optimal sleep.

  • Innovative Monitoring Technology: By harnessing the power of wearable technology like the Apple Watch and Fitbit, we provide continuous remote sleep monitoring, keeping track of crucial biometrics and sleep patterns to manage and enhance sleep quality proactively.

The SleepRx Advantage

Our commitment is to tailor our services to each company's unique needs. We've crafted a strategy that targets their specific business demands and work-related stresses. This strategy includes:

  • Thorough Sleep Assessments: A complete screening and assessment process that evaluates the sleep health of each employee.

  • Board-certified Sleep Consultations: Regularly scheduled consultations to discuss and review monitoring data and wellness strategies.

  • Personalized Monitoring and Feedback: Using advanced wearables, our program provides continuous health data, offering insights into areas of improvement for each individual, from sleep patterns to vitals like heart rate and exercise data.

With these measures, we project significant benefits, such as a potential 30% reduction in insomnia symptoms and a dramatic 60-70% decline in accidents caused by sleep deprivation. This proactive stance on sleep health can translate into a notable increase in overall productivity and safety—a profound benefit for both the employees and the company.

Cultivating Sustainable Productivity through Restorative Sleep

By choosing the SleepRx Care Package, businesses are not just improving employee health; they are also investing in a sustainable model of productivity and safety. The knock-on effects of a well-rested workforce reverberate through every aspect of a business, resulting in more alert, focused, and happier employees. This investment in employee well-being demonstrates a company's commitment to not just excellence but to the very individuals who power its success.

Let's initiate this vital conversation on actualizing a future where your employees' health and your company's performance are in perfect harmony. We invite you to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience to plot this journey together.

As we plan this meeting to unfold the potential of such a partnership, remember that the path to enhanced company performance is paved with the well-being of your workforce—and it begins with restful sleep. SleepRx is here to help you embark on this transformative journey.


SleepRx's commitment to optimal employee well-being aligns with the ethos of businesses seeking to excel. With a strategic partnership, we look forward to contributing to the flourishing health and success of your team. Let us take the first step towards transforming the way your business values sleep and, in turn, watch your productivity and workplace morale soar.

Investing in SleepRx is more than a commitment to better sleep—it’s an investment in the human potential that drives your company.

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